Indies vs PewDiePie

With Ludum Dare coming up in two weeks, we decided the best thing to do right now was to settle back, relax, and do another game jam.

We worked for 3 days to bring you the fabulously action packed Hula Blade – a game about dancing your way through a dungeon and chopping baddies. Can you defeat the evil dungeon master?


This time around, we’re asking you to root for us! That means it’d be cool if you vote for us  on the jam page (though you have to register to GameJolt for that, and if you don’t want to do that, it’s cool).

What are you waiting for? Go axe some baddies! Click here (and scroll down a lot):



Or just go here. Thanks!


TRIGGER WARNING: SPOOKY  <a href=""><img src="" alt="Play" style="border:0px;" data-recalc-dims="1" /></a>

Welcome to Scream Fortress #6! *screaming men!*

No, wait. *crying babies!*

Last year, we promised we’d post YOUR skeleton this time around. Guess what: WE LIED! *shrieking ghosts!*

Have a wonderful Halloween, you magnificent bastards. *the sound of paying taxes!*

Ludum Dare 30: Pulley Planet

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve released a new game!

In Pulley Planet you play as Paulie, an interstellar pulley operator in charge of… pulling planets. Use a ridiculously large pulley mechanism to pull planets closer to you and weaken incoming invaders who want to destroy your pulley.

A lot of thought went into audio-visual feedback in this one, and also plenty of polish. Tell us what you think?


Pushing… Pulling… I’m sensing a pattern here.

PUSH gets a face-lift

Remember our last Ludum Dare game, PUSH? Well, we went ahead and completely remade the entire game! Why? Because we’re CRAAAAZY!


As the end of June was approaching, we noticed a nice game jam named the ‘2014 Indie Game Maker Contest’. Although the name is quite generic, it was an interesting idea. Seeing how we didn’t have too much time to make a completely new game, we decided to – well – recycle. We cracked down on a completely new framework for PUSH and made a newer version of the game, which is now 1PUSH.

We’ve added a 10 additional levels, new engine, new mechanics, completely remastered graphics and style, new music, and most importantly: a shiny new LEVEL EDITOR!

1push 3

That’s right, now you can make your own puzzles and share them with friends. Best of all – it’s text based! No files included.

Play it here


Made an awesome level? Post it as a comment on the game’s page! We might even feature it!

Aaaand… We’re back!

HEY! It’s been a while!

In case you haven’t noticed (which is kind of being oblivious at this point) was down for quite a long time. This was because our host was having trouble with a campaign going on and different things, but it’s over now, and as you can see, we’re back! (the website is still a bit slow, but we’ll fix that too!)

In other news, our good indie friend, Gal Pasternak, celebrated his birthday yesterday! Unfortunately, we’re only back online now, but we hope it’s still not too late to wish him a fantastic birthday and many more great games.

Gal (or Galman33) has known us for quite a while now. We first met on Ludum Dare and we’ve been keeping touch ever since. He’s a great example of the potential of indie game development in Israel, he even won a game of the year award! How crazy is that!?

He’s a pretty rad dude, and I suggest everyone to check him out on Twitter or on his website.

Lonebot at the Betzalel Academy of Design

This will be a long post..

Last week was a very exciting week for us at Lonebot!

We were invited to showcase our game in an indie game gallery taking place in a very well in the well known Betzalel Academy at Jerusalem.

We were honored to be invited! We went there for a day to set things up. We got our own room, and we set up two monitors: a big one for Goat Trip, which was the primary reason we were invited, and another small one for a slightly modified version of Cottonhead Turbo.

photoWe even printed ourselves nifty Lonebot shirts, based on a sick drawing Itamar made:

(will update later)

Two days later, we came back to the opening ceremony. It was fantastic. There was a drum show thing going on, and plenty of Israeli indie game developers showed up to showcase their lovely games too. We had a blast explaining about our games to people stopping by, and we handed out the cool business card I showed you guys in the previous post.

photo (1)


There was this huge costume party going on, where plenty of people came as videogame characters. There was even a huge PLAYABLE Gameboy there that ran Mario. The gallery was plain awesome.

We even got to showcase and distribute an experimental build of Cottonhead: Turbo for Android devices!

photo (2)


On the second day, we got the management shift and came to make sure all of the games are running and to close behind us. All of our close friends came to visit us on that day, and guess who showed up?



Overall, the gallery was an exhausting but amazing experience. I would like to thank Yuri, the event organizer for inviting us and for creating such an awesome event. Check him out!

On another note, this weekend was the MiniLD that went with the theme ‘Demakes’. We decided to be extremely original and make a demake for a game that nobody knows.


Play it here

Until next time!


One More Year

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Play" style="border:0px;" data-recalc-dims="1" /></a>

So today Lonebot turns one year old. We originally launched the website on 13/2/13 (or 2/13/13 if you prefer that).

That’s pretty cool. We’ve come a pretty long way since we started making stuff together, don’t you think?

Here’s a cool game reel Mati made:


Here’s to another year! ♥

Global Birthday Jam

First and foremost —

Happy birthday, Itamar!

Our beloved artist/animator is turning 19 today and we wish him a very happy birthday.

He even got some Lonebot swag!

Lonebot swag Mati

erlord 1


Second, for the first time ever, Lonebot participated in the Global Game Jam.

We went to Campus Google here at Tel Aviv and made our Jam game, Goat Trip, for the entire duration of the two days. We even slept there and ate pizza! A lot of it!!


Look at how the Electra Tower stands tall compared to other buildings. Crazy! We weren’t even in the top floor and we still got a beautiful view of Tel Aviv. We’ve already been to Campus Google before, back when we participated in the 2013 Molyjam.

So what game did we make? We made a small game about a goat and a girl, called Goat Trip. In the game, you’re being chased by a goat. A pretty big one too. Touching the goat is instant death. You can also shoot a huge laser beam that burns through almost everything from your eyes. While everything is happy and colorful, when the player shoots laser everything becomes dark and spooky and there’s some heavy metal stuff going on. Check it out!

The theme of the jam was “we don’t see things the way they are, we see them as we are”.

In my honest opinion, that’s a pretty crap theme. Even a theme as simple as “cars” is better, but instead they went with something kind of lame. We still managed to somewhat relate to the theme, but it wasn’t fun working with it. Like, at all.

Otherwise, I think the Global Game Jam was an extremely positive experience for us at Lonebot. We worked with some awesome people and made a pretty rad game in less than two days.

Play Goat Trip here!

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